Who Are We?

Castro Cares is a coalition of neighborhood groups, businesses, and social service and city programs coming together to improve the quality of life for both those living on the street and those who live, work, shop and play in the Castro/Upper Market district.

We are concerned about issues such as these:

  • People with serious mental illness and substance abuse living on the streets
  • A seeming increase in crime, drug dealing and petty theft
  • An increase in bad behavior, public drunkenness, rowdiness and lack of respect for the neighborhood by late-night partiers

We, in collaboration with the City of San Francisco and its Police Department, Patrol Special Police and Department of Public Health, are about developing locally controlled, long-term, sustainable solutions to these concerns. Castro Cares is a two-year pilot program to fund added compassionate help to those living on the street and additional hours of police patrols, paid for and supervised by Castro Cares.

As we developed this program, we secured agreement and assurances from City Hall and San Francisco Police Department, that the communities’ efforts in providing this program will be additive services to existing Police and SFDPH service levels, NOT in place of them.


  • Castro/Upper Market CBD (lead organization and fiscal agent)
  • San Francisco Police Department, Mission Station
  • Castro Community on Patrol
  • Castro Merchants
  • Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association
  • Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association
  • Hartford Street Neighbors
  • Harvey’s
  • Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church
  • Safeway
  • San Francisco DPH
  • St. Francis Lutheran Church

Leadership Committee:

  • Andrea Aiello, Committee Chair, Executive Director, Castro CBD
  • Daniel P. Bergerac, Mudpuppy’s Tub & Scrub, President, Castro Merchants Association
  • Greg Carey, Castro Community on Patrol
  • Bea Chun, Pastor, Saint Francis Lutheran Church
  • Rob Cox, Hartford Street Neighbors
  • Tim Eicher, Business Owner
  • Brian Hill, Castro Community on Patrol, Diamond Street Residents
  • Captain Bill Griffin, San Francisco Police Department, Mission Station
  • Michael Poma, Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church
  • Kathleen Purcell, Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church
  • Mark Scheuer, Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association
  • Mark Vogel, Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association