Program Details

The Pilot Program
Through the efforts of Supervisor Wiener, Castro Cares has received start-up funding of $115,000 a year for two years from the Office of Economic & Workforce Development. Fully funded, the annual budget for Castro Cares is $280,000.

When fully funded, services will be concentrated along Castro, Upper Market and Church Streets plus heavily impacted adjacent streets, e.g. Hartford, 14th. See map.

When fully funded, the program will provide 95 hours/week of enforcement and outreach services:

  • Service prioritized by seriousness and program hours
  • 20 hours/week dedicated two-person outreach crew
  • Outreach case manager for four hours per week
  • Two stabilization hotel rooms
  • 50 hours of added police presence seven days a week via overtime SFPD & SF Patrol Special Police

Schedule to be adjusted as needed, but generally:

  • 45 hours during early morning, 5–10 AM
  • 30 hours during day/early evening, Noon–8 PM
  • 20 hours late night, 10 PM–4 AM, specifically nights with late-night partier issues: Tues., Thurs.–Sat

Note: Precise level of service is dependent upon funds raised with services scaled up or down accordingly. As the program develops and data is collected, some elements will be adjusted to meet program goals.


What Will it Cost?
The total annual cost of the program is $356,431. We aim to have a soft program launch in December and full launch in March 2015.

The City of San Francisco is funding:

  • $280,000/year for program costs
  • $15,000 year one startup funding

Castro/Upper Market CBD is contributing $15,000 the first year

Remaining $150,000 funded via:

  • Private and public sector grants
  • Annual subscription fee from:
    – Area businesses
    – Residents
    – Community groups

Fundraising will commence is ongoing. Precise level of service is dependent upon funds raised with services scaled up or down accordingly.


What are the Benefits of Participating?
Whether you live within the patrol area or outside it, your participation will ensure that our commercial corridor is a safer and more pleasant place to work, play and shop.

Additional benefits:

  • Your subscription is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Subscriptions will be made to the Castro/Upper Market CBD, a 501(c)3 non-profit.
  • You will receive a window decal to show your commitment to the neighborhood and for identification to service providers.
  • All participants will be recognized in a twice-yearly thank you ad to participants to be placed in neighborhood publications such as the BAR and community newsletters.
  • Subscribers will receive a monthly summary activity report covering both enforcement and outreach activity.